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What do the Therapies do?

All the therapies are “holistic”. Meaning they treat the body as a whole. The mind, body and spirit. Traditional allopathic medicine tends to treat the symptom and not the underlying cause.
They aim to treat the body as a whole, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If the body is out of balance, dis-ease occurs.
e.g. On a physical level, you sprain an ankle so the body has to compensate thus putting the rest of your body out of kilter. It only takes a phone call with some kind of bad news upsetting our mental and emotional well being. Ongoing stress and anxiety is one of the major causes of illness and dis-ease.
If the therapies only create deep relaxation, they are doing a great deal of good.
These therapies, on their own, are a wonderful way of getting in touch with yourself and to take responsibility for yourself. Deeply relaxing, gentle and at the same time powerful. They compliment traditional medicine and can be a great support to the body when on medication after surgery, and even terminal illness.
It brings about a sense of peace, being able to cope. Can be life changing




Colour Therapy

Indian Head Massage
Thermo Auricular Therapy
Distant Healing

Additional Information




Reflexology Treatment

Clients are treated from a reclining chair; remain fully clothed apart from exposing the feet.
An ancient healing art applying pressure with thumbs and fingertips to minute reflex points on the feet which correspond to the organs, glands and all parts of the body, initiating and accelerating healing in the corresponding areas within the body.
Powerful and deeply relaxing.
Approximate Time for treatment : 1 hour

Healing hands
Refexology Treatment


Clients lie on a couch or if preferred seated in a chair, remaining fully clothed
Energy is channelled into the patient through the hands of the healer, scanning the whole body, often with hands away and at times touching the body.
Each person experience of the treatment is different, often tingling sensation is felt or maybe warmth, coldness, a lightness or heaviness etc.
Time for treatment : 1/2 – 1 hour


Universal Life Force Energy
An energy healing art as in the above therapy working with symbols and scanning the body as before but usually placing hands on the body. Gentle, subtle and powerful.
Time for treatment : 1 hour


Used in conjunction with the above therapies. A colour reading is made to find which colour is needed to treat the body overall. Different colours are used to treat specific areas of the body and conditions.
Time for treatment : 30 Mins. (In addition to another therapy)


A treatment given whilst seated in a chair, remaining fully clothed.
The therapist stands behind or sometimes to the side of the client focussing on the upper body, back, arms, shoulders, neck, head and face. All areas most vulnerable to stress and tension.
It helps to release knotted and tense muscles, energises and revitalises the body, stimulates circulation, disperses toxins, oxygenates the brain, relieves stress and promotes alertness and concentration.
It also helps with headaches, sinus problems, ear problems, including tinnitus, tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back etc.
Reduces anxiety, tiredness and depression.
Time for treatment : 45 Mins


(Hopi Ear Candles)

Clients lie on a couch, fully clothed.
A treatment using hollow candles made from natural ingredients.
When lit and placed in the outer ear cavity, the smouldering on the wax and the resultant warmth create a chimney effect, drawing excessive or compacted wax from the ear into the lower section of the candle.
Sensations experienced are pleasant and very relaxing, soothing with warmth and gentle crackling sounds.
Included in the treatment is a gentle ear and face massage.
Beneficial in treating blocked ears, tinnitus, sinusitis and headaches.
Time for treatment : 40 Mins


Possibly a difficult concept to understand, but nonetheless powerful and effective. If one is unable to visit a healer in person, healing can be given at a distance. Please contact me if you wish to know more.


If you would like to know more about:

  • Stress Management
  • Positive Thinking
  • Chakras
  • Colour
  • Working with Energies
  • Visualisation
  • Other aspects of Healing
  • any of the above therapies

Please do not hesitate to make contact with me.

I am also able to hosts courses and workshops, either on a one to one basis or in small groups.

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